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Bigben Interactive joins forces with Thomson to launch AV products

Bigben Interactive has signed a licencing agreement with Technicolor for the brand Thomson, one of the most prestigious French electronics brands of the last 50 years. This exclusive licence, which will apply throughout Europe, will cover the Audio-Video range of the brand. It will enable Bigben Interactive to use the Thomson brand for all products in the audio range (portable radios, multimedia towers, radio alarm clocks, soundbars, etc.), as well as products from the video range (home cinema, DVD players, etc.).

For over 120 years, THOMSON has been a leading player in the electronics industry. THOMSON’s product offer includes TV screens, digital set-top boxes, audio and video equipment, touch screens and IT equipment, digital cameras, accessories, mobile and fixed phones, LCD screens, LED lighting solutions, household appliances and home security equipment, home health and well-being equipment.


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