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Think Black+Decker and immediately a host of home products and high-quality power tools that make everyday living and

working easier and more efficient, come to mind. After all, Black+Decker has been a leader in innovation for over a century and ‘gets the job done’!


A search for prospective licensees led LicenseWorks to identify a Small Domestic Appliances company, who efficiently brought to market a line of high-quality appliances that not only delivered on the Black+Decker brand promise, but further enhanced the brand value. This strategic partnership helped support the core business growth, while simultaneously augmenting Black+Decker’s retail footprint and boosting top-of-mind brand awareness. 


Riding on the success of the appliances business, LicenseWorks further broadened the scope of business by identifying the Safety Products category, as yet another natural extension for the brand. Our research had pointed out that buyers look for the same attributes of high quality, reliability and durability, all synonymous with Black+Decker, while also buying personal protective equipment. Through a strategic partnership between Black+Decker and a leading manufacturer-exporter of safety products, LicenseWorks widened the scope of Black+Decker’s brand awareness and retail footprint in the market.        


The Black+Decker licensing program continues to grow as we continue to identify newer, relevant product categories for further extensions. Today, Black+Decker’s extensive offerings of licensed products in India have a seamless connection with the core brand and have strengthened the brand’s position of a ‘trusted leader in innovation’.

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