Strategy Creation

One of our key strengths lies in developing a strong licensing strategy on the basis of a thorough understanding of the brand’s values and positioning. This allows us to identify and recommend high potential product categories for brand licensing, which serves as a basis for brand extension.

Brand Book & Style 
Guide Development

We work closely with brands to put together strong prospecting materials that are capable of winning strategic partnerships with best-in-class licensees.


Our strong understanding of retail markets and business fundamentals gives us the added advantage of helping brands identify and

qualify prospective licensees, with reference to their resources, interests and capabilities.


We excel at executing a detailed due diligence of the licensee. Our objective is to ensure that the match between a brand and a licensee should be sustainable in the long run.

Contract Preparation & Negotiation

We work with both parties to prepare a term sheet that outlines important business points, which culminates into a well-drafted license agreement. We facilitate competent negotiations that expedite deal closures.

Product Development
& Approvals

We actively work with clients and licensees for development and approvals of product concepts, product and packaging artworks, final samples, promotional materials, etc., to ensure high-quality licensed products and marketing that adhere to brand guidelines.

Overseeing Marketing

We conduct regular store checks to ensure that marketing campaigns and retail branding are well executed on-ground. We also put together and manage co-op marketing programs for licensing programs with multiple licensees.

Our extensive and strong retail connections enable us to introduce new licensees to key retailers. We also organise joint business meetings between retailers and licensees representing the same brand, for a more cohesive brand presence in retail.

Financial Reporting &
Royalty Administration
Ongoing Business Review & Communication

Basis the commercial terms specified in the license agreement, our team diligently collects sales forecasts, sales reports and royalties from licensees. We also conduct on-site royalty audits to ensure royalty compliance. 

We organise periodical business reviews to track business performance, identify new opportunities as well as possible areas of improvement, optimise the programme and ensure corrective actions are taken well in time.


Manufacturer &

Retailer Representation


With our Co-branding program, LicenseWorks helps brand owners negotiate the labyrinths of IP licensing. Co-branding is in fact a form of trademark licensing and is a strategic alliance between two brands to facilitate the sale and marketing of a joint product, thereby offering a strong point of differentiation. 


Co-branding initiatives by LicenseWorks help create plenty of buzz for brands and offer a fresh perspective for advertising, PR and social media. Through the astute, strategic alliances we develop for brands, we enable brand owners to differentiate their products from their competition and break through the clutter, improving brand visibility and vitality. We continually identify new collaboration possibilities to help brands penetrate newer categories and expand their customer base by providing them with enhanced value.

Ingredient Branding

Leading brands often collaborate with specialised ingredient brands to provide customers the additional reassurance of a brand promise and aid their decision-making processes.  Ingredient brands own a very specific set of benefits in consumers’ minds and enable host brands to convey these specific product strengths at the point of sale. Brands such as Intel Inside®, Teflon® and Lycra®, for example have provided a variety of computer, cookware and apparel brands the upper edge, empowering the host brands to be recognised and trusted for their superior quality. 


At LicenseWorks, we help brand owners command higher margins and differentiate their products in the retail space by helping them partner with leading ingredient brands. We excel at identifying the missing links in the brand partnership chain. Our in-depth, real-time knowledge of the retail market allows us to identify new and emerging technologies and recommend innovative partnerships with prominent ingredient brands, leading to a win-win collaboration.

Good products and good relationships come from collaborations. We’re excited to start a dialogue with you, learn more about you and build something beautiful together.


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