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Launched in France in 1945 as a magazine for fashion, beauty and lifestyle, ELLE today is globally renowned and has to its credit 47 magazines and 21 million readers worldwide. The spirit of ELLE today extends beyond magazines and has developed into a collection of licensed products worldwide, distilling the unique ELLE Parisians’ Lifestyle. 



LicenseWorks collaborated with the team at ELLE to expand the brand’s presence across multiple categories with high-quality products, thereby enhancing the brand’s image, relevance and loyalty in India.


Within 2 years of LicenseWorks coming on board, ELLE secured over 10 partners across multiple categories, including Apparel, Footwear, Handbags, Beauty, Spa and Salon services, Home Decor etc. These licensees are all high-quality, recognised manufacturers or retailers in their respective fields and are equipped with significant retail distribution capabilities. 


Today, a wide range of ELLE and ELLE Décor-branded consumer products are available both online and across leading retail stores in India making it the most successful magazine licensing program in India.

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