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For over 120 years, Thomson has been recognised as a brand synonymous with technological revolutions and an unwavering dedication to making innovation accessible to all, the world over. The brand has been offering a wide range of electronic products spanning televisions, audio-video products, telephones & mobile phones, information technology accessories, connected devices, small and large appliances, in addition to products in healthcare and wellbeing.


A severe price war in 2004 led Thomson to exit the Indian market. After a gap of nearly 14 years, the brand was looking to re-enter the now fast-growing electronics market in India.


To enable this, LicenseWorks collaborated with the Thomson team to develop an extensive brand licensing program that would leverage and enhance the core brand attributes and revitalize the Thomson Brand in consumer product categories, this time minus the typical costs and overheads of traditional businesses.


Thomson re-entered the Indian market in partnership with a leading TV manufacturer, with the launch of smart televisions boosted by a high-decibel marketing campaign. In less than a year, the brand moved from a non-participant in the online TV market to a ‘top 3’ slot.


After the successful relaunch of Thomson, the brand continues to expand its presence in India with other related product category extensions such as home and personal audio, mobile phones, appliances and more. 

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