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Thomson presents its first Ultra HD 4K LED TV at IFA 2013

Committed to providing EU consumers with quality products featuring the latest technology, TCL will be presenting its all new next generation 4K technology products, among which is the Thomson W9785 4K LEDTV, Flagship of the new W series. With the Thomson W99786, Images are a pure reflection of reality: no detail is missed and a truly vibrant and lifelike picture precision is rendered. The Thomson W99786 also gives intense 3D experience with enclosed flicker free active glasses. With its ultra-thin 5 mm frame and sleek design, the Thomson W99786 has a stylish look, reflecting a rare purity, for the viewers to enjoy nothing but a perfect image.

For over 120 years, THOMSON has delivered innovative and reliable technology for home entertainment. A leading world-wide brand in consumer electronics, well-known for high quality products with the highest longevity, the THOMSON brand remains at the forefront of providing superior products and services for consumers. THOMSON is a trademark of Technicolor S.A. used under license by TCL.


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